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Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17
13th November 2017

Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17...

Author: Gillian Caldwell

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  • Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 10th December 2015

    Read about all the activities that we took part in, during session 2014-15. Our audited accounts are also included.

    Combined Report 2014-15.pdf

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  • An update on our 50 Club winners

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2015

    It's been a while since we last said thank you to some great people who support us every month. Member's of our 50 Club make a monthly donation to the Scout Group to be part of a prize draw and our young people from Beavers, Cubs and Scouts draw out numbers to decide on a winner.

    Listed below are our winners for 2012, 2013, 2014 and the first few months of 2015.

    Thank you to everyone who supports us in this way, it's greatly appreciated!

    We'll be posting an update every quarter from now on to tell you who the lucky people are.

    50 Club Winners 1st winner 2nd winner
    January 2012 McBrearty Fiona Cartwright
    February 2012 Karen Imrie Lesley Loughrey
    March 2012 Susan Mclean M Manson
    April 2012 Elaine McLean M Manson
    May 2012 McBrearty McFarlane
    June 2012 Robert Lamont A Colville
    July 2012 Colville Yvonne Chalmers
    August 2012 E Coventry Wendy Durie
    September 2012 S Peacock Susan McLean
    October 2012 E Coventry Stuart Robertson
    November 2012 Gillian Caldwell M Manson
    December 2012 Colville Lesley Loughrey
    January 2013 S Peacock Nicola Cowan
    February 2013 Wendy McLean Yvonne Chalmers
    March 2013 E Coventry Nicola Cowan
    April 2013 Gillian Caldwell McFarlane
    May 2013 Anne Porter Lesley Loughrey
    June 2013 Robert Lamont Elaine McLean
    July 2013 M Manson(Wolfries) Karen Imrie
    August 2013 Joanne Murphy Robert Lamont
    September 2013 Karen Imrie Eleanor Coventry
    October 2013 Stuart Robertson Wendy McLean
    November 2013 Wendy Durie McFarlane
    December 2013 McFarlane Colville
    January 2014 Nicola Cowan Susan McLean
    February 2014 Robert Lamont Mr McBrearty
    March 2014 Nicola Cowan Joanne Murphy
    April 2014 WendyMcLean Colville
    May 2014 Fiona Cartwright Fiona Cartwright
    June 2014 S Peacock Susan McLean
    July 2014 McFarlane Elaine McLean
    August 2014 Stuart Robertson M Manson
    September 2014 Stuart Robertson Fiona Cartwright
    October 2014 Mr McBrearty Wendy Durie
    November 2014 Ms Rattner Heather Nilson Nygaard
    December 2014 Nicola Cowan Wendy Durie
    January 2015 M Manson(Woolfries) Susan McLean
    February 2015 Mr McBrearty Wendy McLean
    March 2015 Gillian Caldwell Ian McFarlane
    April 2015 Gillian Caldwell Mr McBrearty

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  • Joint Summer Camp with 145th Troop

    Joint Summer Camp with 145th Troop

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st August 2015

    Our Scouts joined with the 145th Glasgow Scouts, for a joint camp at Great Tower, in the Lake District. All the Scouts had an amazing time! Thanks to all the leaders from both Troops, for giving up their time.

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